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Delia [userpic]

If you love the TV show Criminal Minds, and like playing games and completing challenges, consider joining crimeland !

(banner by cullenblaze )

crimeland is an interactive Criminal Minds challenge based community, or also known as a "landcomm", whereby you compete in four teams (There are Teams JJ, Garcia, Morgan and Reid). You have to complete challenges, be it writing, graphics or puzzles and earn points for your team. It's a great opportunity to meet new people and have fun. If you do decide to join,
please tell them that I sent you!


June Challenge: Team!ficCollapse )

888mph [userpic]


Welcome to cm4_20, a community dedicated to the wonder and mind-f*ck that was Spencer Reid/Adam (Amanda) Jackson in "Conflicted," episode 20 of the 4th season of Criminal Minds!

To wake up all those bunnies that have been put on life support, we are going to start with a fest. After the fest is over, the comm will be open for any member to post their fics, art, icons, daydreams, questions, metas and, yes, even fanvids.

Come join the community and don't forget to reply to the introductory post.

And pass the Word!

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whatthedeuce [userpic]

The post (click the banner) will be public at my comm for 3 days, and after that, you'll have to join to see it, but don't worry because EVERYONE GETS ACCEPTED! However, it's public forever here at picspammy. Feel free to leave comments or feedback at either entry. Thank you! :)

audiopineapple [userpic]

Icon makers are always wanted and so are icon voters! Click the picture above to come to the comm!

lagolindari [userpic]

I really, really, really have to say this.
After watching CM in English for months, I checked an Italian episode to see how they translated Morgan's 'pretty boy'. And seriously? Italian voices are SO bad. I mean, the dubbers are wonderful, but... Morgan had got this little, white voice! What about the sexy raspy one we all love? And Reid's so... he loses all the ador(k)ability we're used to. And - well, I just wanted to share with you just HOW MUCH the voices of CM characters are great.
Just - just squeeee.

Which one is your favourite? And why?

patch_tank [userpic]

Just here to do a little pimpin' - new comm called cmficfinders , is for getting your hands on that hard-to-find fic.  Please come along, help and be helped.

(Mods, if I've misread the comm rules or done something stupid [because seriously, it wouldn't be the first time today *headdesk*], go ahead and delete this, because I do fail at life sometimes.  In the nicest possible way, of course ;) )

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R.C. [userpic]

Stretch your creative minds out in roleplayCollapse )

jd [userpic]

Several writers from Criminal Minds will be joining us in the Criminal Minds Fanatic chat room this evening after Criminal Minds "Lucky" airs. The chat will begin at 10pm est.

The chat room is password protected--please email Stacy at: slashgirl@gmail.com to get the password. (For anyone who might already have the password, you'll still need to email me as the password has changed.)

This means that we'll have to be on our best behaviour--please refrain from typing over one another and don't ask them for spoilers. Enjoy!

decarnin [userpic]

Hi! Just a note to say that at *long last* I have posted the next part of my Criminal Minds series, this chapter is called "Sidetrack". In case you've forgotten completely by this time, Hotch and Reid are in northern Minnesota tracking a serial killer who carves physics formulae into his victims. There are links to the previous sections if you need them.


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