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Kumiko [userpic]

I didn't see anything about not being able to advertise, but if this isn't allowed, delete it. ^_^

Well, I've just been handing over a Criminal Minds icontest, so I'm pimping it right now. =D

bau_icontest Go join!

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ateenangel [userpic]

I didn't see any rules against this, so I thought I'd post about it.

There's a new stamping community for Criminal Minds. Fill out the survey and get stamped as the character you're most like.


It's fairly new, so if you do join PLEASE vote.

decarnin [userpic]

Ooo. Was watching taped "Revelations" again last night, and slo-mo'ed through the end of the bastinado scene enough to catch a couple words of the title of the book in which Prentiss (I think it was) finds Tobias's list of Narcotics Anonymous meetings. It's Flannery O'Connor's "The Violent Bear It Away"! Here's the start of Wikipedia's plot summary -- go there under the title of the book to see more!

"The novel begins with the death of Mason Tarwater, a fanatically religious old man who considers himself a prophet and lives in a Southern backwoods farm called Powderhead. He lives with his great-nephew, Francis Marion Tarwater. Mason kidnapped the younger Tarwater when the boy was four, in order to baptize him. Mason believes that his destiny is to baptize his other great-nephew, Bishop, and that this destiny will become Francis' if he fails. He claims to have learned this from God, in an event in which Mason's eyes were "burned clean," and his mission as a prophet was revealed.

Mason's only request to the younger Tarwater was to be buried when he died and to have a cross mark his grave. When Tarwater finds Mason dead one morning, he begins to dig a grave for the old man. However, an invisible "stranger" arrives, the dark side of Tarwater's mind..."

Sound *at all* familiar? *g*

Those CM writers may not always be subtle, but damn! Can they layer a text!

decarnin [userpic]

Oo. Just stopping by to rec this Hotch/Reid fic,

"Leave a Mark" by mijmeraar.

It's short, but it's -- wow.

decarnin [userpic]

Just a note to say I posted a story called "Confession" over at BAU_fic today, had to split it into two parts because it was too long, oh well. First part is gen, second part is slash. It's also up on my LJ. It's a sequel to "Detour" and "Confluence".

The Spike [userpic]

It looks to be a good one with lots of intensity.

I am kind of on tenterhooks about whether they will further or god forbid, *resolve* the addiction storyline. Don't spoil me if you know, but feel free to speculate if you don't.

Also, probably you have all read "Lucky" by bear, but if you haven't yet, here are my reasons why you really really should.

The Spike [userpic]

It's International Whee! Day at 3daychallenge. Fic, ficlets, art, manips, vids and multimedia in any fandom. Criminal Minds represent! The theme this time is Carnivals. Go check out the information post here for rules and posting info.

E.E [userpic]

I too squee for Criminal Minds.
I'm afraid it might be rather rude to make a request in my first post, but I'm desperate. And so my plea is: does anyone know where I could find the episodes 36,37,38 (at least 'Revelations') online??
I live in another country where the second season just began a couple of weeks ago. I'm dying to watch the episode since I read about it and can't wait the two months it'll probably take for it to be aired here. I've been looking around and can't find it. Any ideas??
Thanks in advance!!!!

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decarnin [userpic]

Just a note to let you know that I have posted "Confluence", the sequel to "Detour", CM fic (this one is longer!) It's on bau_fic or you can see it on my LJ, link below.


There is another chapter coming that will have SEX in it! But this isn't it. :-) This one is vewy, vewy quiet.

decarnin [userpic]

I have two questions, if anyone can help:

1. Does Hotch have a history of childhood abuse by his father -- or am I confusing him with some other show? Any info much appreciated.

2. Where exactly are the offices of the BAU? I thought they were at Quantico, which is about 35 miles southwest of Washington, DC; however, Reid is contacted by the psycho boy who wants to kill women in the "Metro" (subway) station where he says he's seen Reid several times -- that would be in D.C. itself or close by, no? And Reid then appears *running* into the office, which would seem unlikely after a 35-mile trip! Quantico is on a Marine base -- they do have an Amtrak station but I can't imagine they have a subway station. The real-life Behavioral Sciences Unit has been headquartered at Quantico, I guess as part of the FBI Academy there, but... Anybody? Also is there any canon on what towns/areas the team members live in?

Many thanks --

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