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April 2011
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cm_ficsource June Challenege: Team!fic

cm_ficsource's very first monthly thematic challenge:

Recommend a story that focuses on the Criminal Minds characters as they interact as a team. The team, and how they relate to each other and work together, must be the focus of each story to some degree.

Click on the banner to lead you to the post over at cm_ficsource. Please post your recs there and not here.

Check Here for rules about the challenge.

Episode Unfinished

OMG! what can I say? Obviously the episode was a TOTAL CLIFFHANGER. I have never been so pissed about an episode not being finished. There was something in the air that season; something meant to happen; HAD they made another continuing episode or one in which they go back and SEEK OUT AMANDA! I mean how in the HELL does anyone not realize the chemistry between the two? That was on FIRE! Reid even said in the Episode 22 4th season Conflicted in these distinct words "I am not giving up until I FIND ADAM."
He isnt finished. This makes me sad:( Someone should notify the writers of Criminal Minds and let them know if they are going to take away amazing characters like they have done recently then AT LEAST , to
BRING BACK THE AMANDA! And let her and Reid dominate the television screen for a good two weeks because lets face it; you leave a book unfinished; you'll never know the rest of the STORY. :)